NEW KGR Taste of Aloha Sampler Pack (4 Pack or 12 Pack only)


Whole Bean/Ground

Our KGR Taste of Aloha Pack provides the opportunity to sample four of our Kauai Gourmet Roasters' coffees. The Aloha Pack includes a bag of each of the following coffees:

1. KGR Supreme 100% Hawaiian coffee.
Our most popular coffee.  Hawaiian coffees are some of the smoothest you will ever drink.  KGR Supreme is a medium roast with a slightly sweet, nutty and spicy flavor profile.

2. KGR Breakfast Blend Regal.
A 10% Hawaiian blend roasted to a medium roast. This is another of our best sellers on Kauai.The Regal blend is a great way to start the day, our breakfast blend. 

3. KGR 10% Kona Blend.
Another popular one with the Kauai locals. Our Kona Blend is a blend of very smooth Kona Coffee with a fine international coffee, roasted to a medium roast.

4. KGR Black Pot blend.
An international blend that maintains Hawaiian characteristics when roasted through its second crack to a delicious dark roast. 

We acquired Kauai Gourmet Roasters so that we could work with Hawaiian coffee farmers to bring 100% Hawaiian coffee to consumers at a reasonable price. We roast our 100% Hawaiian coffees and blends in small batches on Kauai so that you know we will always ship freshly-roasted coffee. 

The Taste of Aloha Pack is available in 4 Packs & 12 Packs only. The 12 Pack includes three bags of each coffee described above. 



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