Taste Kaua'i roasted coffee.

Premium Hawaiian beans. Shipped fresh daily

Our Philosophy

We roast only the best beans Mother Nature has to offer, right here on Kaua'i, Hawaii's most beautiful island. Our beans are sustainably sourced, roasted in small batches and packed to bring you memories of paradise in every cup. 

100% Kauai 100% Kona KGR Supreme 100% Hawaiian Coffee 8 oz

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100% Hawaiian Coffee

Sourced from the best growers, our premium 100% Hawaiian coffee is a favourite with local and international coffee lovers alike for its deep, rich flavors.

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How We Do It

Beans of paradise

Long standing relationships with our suppliers ensure we can bring you the best Hawaiian and international beans, at affordable prices.

Small batch roasting

Our roasting machines run five days a week to ensure the coffee you buy is as fresh as it can be, and holds as much flavor as possible. 

Packed for fuller flavor

Our quality packs insulate and seal in the freshness to maximise the intense coffee aromas.