100% Kona


Whole Bean/Ground

Kona is home to arguably the best coffees the world has to offer. We partner with Greenwell farms, the family owned business which has its roots in Hawaii's original coffee farming era dating back to around 1850. Greenwell farms have been a cornerstone of the Kona coffee community for generations, consistently supplying high quality coffee beans. We pass that history on to you by applying our own roasting magic. From the exploding aromas when you crack open our bags, through to the sweet tones of fruits and chocolate. You can expect your cup to deliver a silky smooth, clean experience, as unique as it is delicious.  


We ship our coffee by USPS Priority Mail and FedEx daily to ensure you get the freshest coffee available.

We offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $100.

We are in the process of opening up more international markets for shipping. 

Email us for International and domestic wholesale enquiries.

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