Kauai Gourmet Roasters: The Quest to Provide Affordable Hawaiian Coffee

Kauai Gourmet Roasters: The Quest to Provide Affordable Hawaiian Coffee

Installation of our two Diedrich Roasters:

One year ago this month!







The Quest to Provide Affordable Hawaiian Coffee!

It doesn't seem possible, but it has already been a year since we installed our new roasting and packaging equipment in our warehouse in Lihue, Kauai.  We have experienced a number of growing pains in our small commercial coffee roasting operation, but we feel pretty good about the fact that so many people, both at our product demos and at various Night Markets on Kauai, tell us that we are succeeding in producing tasty 100% Hawaiian coffee at an affordable price. 

For over a decade, we, Mark Furr and Tina Ferrato, a married couple, operated a café and retail roasting operation in a century-old plantation house in the town of Hanalei. We specialized in roasting & serving 100% Hawaiian coffees, and over the years, we served thousands of visitors to the Garden Isle.

Eventually, the roasting business outgrew the plantation house, and we sold the café so that we could focus on our primary interest: roasting Hawaiian coffee. After selling the café, we acquired the Kauai Gourmet Roasters brand. Under the KGR label, we work with farmers to provide 100% Hawaiian coffee and Hawaiian blends at affordable prices.

We still roast our coffee right here on Kauai in small batches so that you know that our Kauai Gourmet Roasters coffees are always freshly-roasted with aloha.

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